Dr. Leana Wen

physician, patient advocate, author, and speaker

Current projects

* Teaching health policy and social accountability across the continuum of medical training. Co-director of a new collaboration with Kaiser Permanente and Gorge Washington University; leading inaugural residency elective in health policy and social mission faculty fellowship.

* Teaching health policy in medical education. Co-director of GWU’s Residency Fellowship in Health Policy.

* Who’s My Doctor? The Total Transparency Manifesto. A new campaign to reinforce trust and break down fear in medicine.

* When Doctors Don’t Listen: How to Prevent Misdiagnoses and Unnecessary Tests. My book about how you have to take control of your healthcare to make sure that your doctors listens to you and gives you the best care that you deserve. Follow my blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

* Patient engagement in the era of healthcare reform. Research into patient- and family-centered care by understanding the patient experience (Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute; PI, George Washington University).

* Narrative medicine and the incorporating humanities into medical training (George Washington University).

* Ensuring right care and reducing unnecessary testing and treatment. Research projects (PI, George Washington University) and consulting (Right Care Alliance/Lown Institute).

* Investigating people’s perception of healthcare (PI, George Washington University).

* National Emergency Departments Inventory. A survey of emergency departments’ characteristics and capabilities in 5 countries. A project of Emergency Medicine Network under the direction of Dr. Carlos Camargo (Mass General Hospital).

* Landscaping of medical education in China. A descriptive study of undergraduate and medical education in China. A project with China Medical Board (Harvard Medical School).

* Describing emergency medicine training in South Africa. Qualitative and quantitative studies of the first emergency medical training program in Africa at the University of Cape Town/Stellenbosch University in South Africa.

* Understanding the importance of diagnosis in emergency department visits. An ongoing investigation of the importance of providing a diagnosis at emergency department discharge. A project with Dr. Carlos Camargo (Mass General Hospital).

* Improving wellness in medical education. Projects include evaluation of Emergency Medicine Reflection Rounds, a new small-group reflection experience, with Dr. Kimo Takayesu and Dr. Pat O’Malley (Mass General Hospital).